Save on your rides with Uber today. Uber has revolutionized the way we travel today and one of the best ways to save on your trip is to redeem one of our many Uber Netherlands promo codes.

Uber promo code Netherlands 2023

How do I enter an uber discount code?

Take a trip to a business meeting in Perth or go shopping for less with one of our codes. To redeem it, To apply an Uber discount code, you must:

  • Log into the Uber app
  • Select Payment and go down to Promotions
  • Tap Add promo code, paste the code and tap Add

Why isn't my uber coupon working?

For your coupon to work, you must apply it before or during your trip. Your code will not work if you redeem it after the trip has ended. Also, be sure to use the uber coupon at places that qualify. Some codes are assigned only to be used in specific cities. You can only use one Uber promotional code Netherlands in the same trip and the balance of the code will be lost.

What kind of uber coupons in Netherlands can I find?

The most common coupon is for new Uber users, where you can get a discount on your first ride. You can also save on your Uber ride with location-based codes. Also, on special occasions like New Year's Eve or Christmas, Uber often offers some codes that only last for a limited time.

How to save money in Uber?

Get the right car

There are several levels of Uber service (not all levels are available everywhere), know what you need before you book because levels have different prices:

  • uberX - Solo drivers using a 4-door personal vehicle (2005 and newer) and can carry up to four passengers.
  • UberPOOL - Shared rides in which the fare is shared between users going to the same place
  • Uber Assist - Extra assistance from drivers for people with disabilities, the elderly, the injured and pregnant women
  • UberX Plus - Ride with the best drivers
  • uberXL - Larger vehicles, with capacity for more than 6 passengers.
  • uberSELECT - A luxury sedan that can fit up to 4 people.
  • uberBLACK - Limousine or rental car companies that drive a luxury sedan or SUV
  • SUV - An SUV with capacity for 6 passengers

Share rides

try UberPool. This is an option that will cut your costs when carpooling with a stranger going in a similar direction. This is the cheapest option for Uber, and can significantly reduce the cost. The journey may take a few more minutes to reach your destination, but you can save a decent amount of money by traveling with strangers. Worst case scenario: awkward silence and a few more dollars in your pocket. Best case scenario: you meet a new friend or partner.

Friends or co-workers

Who doesn't like carpooling with friends? When you have multiple people in the car with you, you can split the cost between you and your friends/coworkers. There is no point in taking different attractions if you are going to the same place. You can always meet at a central location and go from there. $15 solo or $5 if you're traveling with two friends. Venmo was created for this reason.

A few steps

location can be a big price dictator. Sometimes a quarter mile can have a significant impact on the cost of Uber. Exercise is important to your health, so why not take a few steps to a cheaper place? You'll save on your travel and likely medical bills later in life by getting those extra steps.

Rush Hours

Timing is everything. There are peak times for just about anything in life, so it makes sense that Uber would have peak times when prices are at their highest. Basic economics, demand raises the price. During peak hours, there is a higher demand for a finite number of drivers. Rush hour, lunch, bar closing and New Year's Eve are peak hours. If you know in advance, you can plan for these peak times.