Google Coupons

November 15, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

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The use of the Google coupons, the money is used for shopping drastically reduced. Who likes to lose the money? By following the simple steps on the website, you can print a coupon from Google itself. Then you can use at the store or elsewhere and save tons of money on the purchase. Now that you know this information, it would be foolish not to try to lose all the huge money-saving options, just a few clicks to save hundreds of dollars – sounds like a lot to me!
Google introduced the Google Coupons idea over a year and yet so few companies are using this feature to market your business. It seems silly when it only takes a few minutes to load a supply and where such an offer could be the catalyst to drive someone to your business instead of one on the street. With this in mind, I created a quick tutorial on setting up a promotional offer from Google for your business.
What’s that, right? Google offers a choice of coupon? Why do, although I wonder now wondering how many people either did not know or had forgotten. Google announced the service last summer but has not done much in the way of promoting it ever since. In fact, I spent about twenty or thirty minutes trying to find an example of a business that has a coupon from the list and could not. So if you want a way to differentiate your business in Google Maps, here you go.
Creating a Google coupon is pretty damn easy. In fact, I could do while you drink your morning coffee.
First you need to lead Google Local Busines Center. You’ll notice in the picture below you can update your business, or you can click the tab that says “coupons” and head directly to the creation of a bid. By clicking on the tab of coupons, you’ll be taken to a page that gives you a brief description of what Google Coupons are and an example of what they seem. Click the button that says “Add voucher now.”
The next screen allows you to enter your coupon information.
As you can see in the image below, I’ve gone ahead and completed the information for the coupon that I would love to see our local ice cream shack set. I filled in the name of the company, taking into account the coupon on a title and subtitle, the full disclaimer on the detail area and even set an expiration date. You can also see that Google allows you to enter an offer code, which is great if your business also has online ordering. As with the Google AdWords system, you get a preview of your coupon on the page as you write and edit the information.
Once you submit your promotional information will be taken to a screen that gives you access to all existing vouchers. This lets you quickly edit, delete or even pause your coupon campaigns with the click of a mouse.
It is important to note that until you commit your business account with Google (by phone or mail) the coupon is not going to live. That’s not a bad thing by the way … certainly do not want the city competing in the placement of a 50% discount for YOUR business. Confirming your information by phone barely has any time at all, so you can have your coupon up and running almost instantly.
Although very few companies seem to be taking advantage of this option, however, that does not mean you should not take five minutes to set up a coupon and try it. If nothing else, may be a good way to get an idea of how many of your customers find through Google Maps. That could give an idea of the effort you need to spend on strengthening their business data and local paid search campaigns.